Red Carpet Reimagined Event

We can’t wait for your dancer to experience this new performance event, with fun additions in a new way of performing together in safer ways.

The first thing you need to know is your DATE and TIME!

Due to COVID-19 recommendations regarding gatherings, we will more safely share the performance times across several days.

More details may be found in the HANDBOOK (Click here or the handbook image to view).



If you were part of the May 2: 10am Munchkinland Pink Cast, your performance will be held at 5pm, 6pm or 7pm on Tuesday, Sept. 15.

If you were part of the May 2: 1pm Munchkinland Purple Cast, your performance will be held at 5pm, 6pm or 7pm on Weds-Thurs, Sept 16 or 17.

Over the Rainbow 6pm Cast will perform on Friday, Sept. 18 from 5-8pm and Saturday, Sept. 19 from 1-6pm.


Please be on time, arrive with your dancer IN COSTUME and drive up to the theatre entrance loop, where dancers can exit the car and walk the red carpet, greeted by our Academy family instructors. One parent can escort the dancer along the red carpet and pose for photos while other family members park the vehicle and arrive to the theatre entrance observing physical distancing and our staggered arrival times. Masks are required to enter the building.

Dancers and parents will be guided with one-way direction into the stage and seating areas. There will be no gathering backstage for dancers, and no dressing rooms available. Theatre seating will be physically distanced in zones, with no more than 100 spots available in the 1700 seat theatre per Micro-Group performance. Ticketholders will be encouraged to Face-time Grandparents for your dancer’s performance time, and photo opportunities will be available onstage at the end of your student’s dances.

Students will be dismissed to the South side of the stage to be united with family to continue the Red Carpet Experience with additional treats awaiting prior to one-way exits through the South side of the Lobby.

We can’t wait to see YOU again, join in a FESTIVE celebration together in safer ways, and to keep moving forward one step at a time!

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