December’s Teacher Spotlight: Ms. Lisa

The lovely lady who guides many of our students’ very first steps onto the dance floor is the one and only Ms. Lisa! Our Early Childhood program director, Ms. Lisa has been teaching at the Academy of Dance Arts for over 17 years! She is an expert in patience, compassion, and celebrating every accomplishment large and small from the first plie to figuring out how to dance together with friends (a big achievement for our kinder dancers)! Her dear students are not just learning technique and basic body awareness, but also how to listen, wait their turn, and interact politely with other students. She’s sewing the seeds of confidence and kindness so these students may grow up to become strong, thoughtful dancers who will understand how to learn!

Ms. Lisa studied dance for a decade with Carlos Stroia in Minnesota before moving to Rapid City where she continued her passion for dance with her 3 daughters. She enjoys spending time with her kids and grandkids, gardening, and enjoying life!

When asked what she loves most about teaching she shared, “SOOOO Much! Watching them grow and become confident in their ability to dance. Seeing the joy they have in expressing themselves through movement.”

One of her favorite teaching memories is witnessing the transition from beginning student to mentor. “During one of our show days a young dancer became to afraid to go on stage right at their entrance time and one of our mentors was willing to run onstage with her so she could shine for her dance! Brought me to tears… I am so blessed to witness time and again how our dancers are truly a family.”