More FAQ's

If you already have dress code items, like a leotard, tights or dance shoes, wear those! But we don't expect anyone to invest in the uniform before taking a test spin on the floor! The important thing is to be comfortable so that you can get the most out of the experience. Uniforms are a proud part of the enrollment process.

We recognize that choosing from lots of options can be daunting. It's one reason why we have an unlimited 7-day class pass, so that a student can try different styles to find the best fit to explore and learn more! If a student enrolls in a class, we want them to experience the joy and magic of dance. If, after 6 weeks in our program, if your dancer still wants to switch styles, we will help them to find the right home in another. We always recommend ballet as a baseline for the greatest progress for ALL styles of dance!

Every student is unique! Students deserve one-on-one attention from our pros, so we have private lesson plans tailored to the age and developmental level to help achieve personal goals, peak progress or confidence. Boost weekly classes with convenient private sessions to learn at your pace with a personal coach!

The right pair of shoes can change a life! When a little dancer steps into the dress code uniform they are wearing clothing of legends! It's still exactly what the best professional dancers everywhere and across history have worn! From Anna Pavlova to Misty Copeland and Mikhail Baryshnikov, the tools of the trade are simple and powerful. The technology has improved, so a leotard and tights are now buttery soft and the shoes are supple, hugging little feet with the right amount of performance magic. Make sure you are getting the RIGHT tools by shopping local or at a dance supply store, instead of spending your hard-earned dollars on play shoes from a big box store. Set your dancer up for success from the very first step!

We can help you in person at the Dance Shoppe located at 230 Main Street in Rapid City, you can order online HERE, and we can deliver items to your Academy class location at no additional charge!

Sept 5, 2023 at both Rapid City locations!

If the studios decide to not hold in-person classes due to the weather or other event, online classes will still be available!  Join from the comfort and safety of your home through your parent portal and never miss a beat!  We often follow the school closures, but since most of our classes are in the afternoon/evening, it is sometimes enough time to clear the roads for safe travel.

We usually make decisions by noon and post on our Families Facebook page along with notifying families via email and text.

We like to help families know what to expect, in both planned and optional related fees. Parents can expect their investment to include dance class tuition, dress code items (Ave $50 for a leotard, tights, ballet shoes) and a costume for the class ($79-$99), if they choose to participate in our year-end exciting themed recitals! All performance ticketing is handled through the Monument, so families can budget for $20-$33 per ticket at the theatre in the spring. We offer extras like yearbooks, recordings, gifts and other optional items at performance times.

Choose the option that fits your lifestyle.  Year-in-Full is convenient for families who don’t want to set reminders to make payments.  It’s the biggest discount option.  Quarterly installments (3 months of tuition) are due on registration, 11/1 and 2/1, and include the best value discount.  If monthly installments are more convenient, this option is available, with no discounting and a 3.5% convenience fee is added.  First and last month installment is processed at registration.  All payments are processed by secure auto-pay credit card transactions unless families visit our offices with payments before due dates.

Our exciting spring productions are May 4, 2024 at the Monument Theatre (formerly the Rushmore Civic Center Theatre). Watch for announcements coming soon!