Alina Johnson

Ballet Program Director, Co-Owner, Core B/C Faculty, PBT Certified, Vaganova Certified

Alina Johnson comes to our Academy studios from Petropavlovsk, Kazakhstan. From the age of 5, she danced locally in the “Kuanamin” dance studio with training in ballet, character, modern, contemporary, and ballroom dance styles. She studied Choreography at the Kazakh National University of Arts and graduated with High Degree Honors and a Bachelor's degree from the Kazakh National Academy of Choreography. During her education, she danced professionally, traveled, and participated in dance competitions. She received top awards in the International Competition, “Fiestalonia Kazakhstan” and is driven to inspire our students by sharing her depth of knowledge in this amazing art form through her experience in teaching and choreography.

Ms. Alina moved to the Black Hills of South Dakota in 2016 and shortly after felt an immediate connection to Ms. Julie and the Academy. After teaching Ballet, Pointe, Contemporary, Character, and Progressing Ballet Technique classes. Ms. Alina will continue to provide exceptional service to the Academy families and grace us with her knowledge and experience as a teacher and co-owner of the Academy.
In December of 2020, Ms. Alina was blessed with a son, Thomas, with her now late husband. Little Thomas is a big part of the Academy family and you might get a peek at his beautiful smile now and then in the studio.

Ms. Alina provides skilled, professional dance education to her students by inspiring them to a personal best with strong technical knowledge. She protects and supports her students’ growth physically and internally. She continues to fulfill a dream to create masterpieces on stage and deliver a magical audience experience. We also appreciate her gift for challenging our dancers to be the best they can be, while consistently encouraging them to share their beauty, grace, and joy!

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