Emmalyn Brant


Ever since Emmalyn can remember, dance has always been a part of who she is.  She started taking ballet and tap at age 5 and expanded to include jazz, modern, hip hop, contemporary and pointe as she grew.  She began training at the Academy when she was 15 and has never left!  After her High School graduation, she became part of our administrative A-Team helping behind the scenes and taking part in our teacher training program.  This year, she is so excited to begin teaching!  Emmalyn’s love for dancing correlates with her love for theater and has performed in various local shows with Black Hills Community Dance Theatre, Flutter Productions and has performed at Disneyland!

Emmalyn is also continuing her education at Black Hills State University.  In the future, she plans to attend Northwestern Health Sciences University for a Masters in acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine in Minnesota.

As an instructor this year, Emmalyn is incredibly excited to share her love for dance with the next generation.  Not only does she desire that her students learn the proper technique, but hopes to teach them life lessons that they can take with them after they leave the dance studio.  She ensures that each of her students will feel safe and loved and strives to give them the skills they need to grow! 


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